Color Consultation

Color Consultation - We can help you choose the right colors for your home even if you are not an interior design client. Whether it's interior, exterior, or both, and you are going to do the work yourself, we can give you the professional advice that will help you avoid expensive mistakes!

We will help you deciding on types of paint and finishes to be used throughout the space. This way, you will avoid having a off-white that is too pink or a grey that is too blue. We will also coordinate colors for accent walls as well as faux finish work. Details like ceiling, crown molding, trims and baseboards will be also addressed during our color consultation.

We start by setting up an appointment. For a flat fee, we will meet with you in your home for a couple of hours, we go over your existing furnishings and colors, we listen to your ideas, and then we will show you possible color pallets that will work with your home giving you the professional look you always wanted. Even if you think you don't need an interior designer, you certainly can use us for color consultation. For more information, please call us at 312.402.8717.

Staging Living Spaces

Staging Occupied Spaces. We will take a quick tour to the property and we will start moving items and identifying problems to be solved.
As a part of our service, we will also make suggestions for minor repairs, paint colors, and ways to enhance your curb appeal.

Staging Vacant Spaces

Staging Vacant Spaces. We will tour the property, take photographs and determine which areas should be staged. Then, we'll provide a quote to handle the entire job which will includes Staging, de-Staging and the cost for rental of all furnishings based on a 3 month rental period.

Builder Consultation

We will work closely with builders to provide expertise in color selections, fixtures, space planning and much more. Our goal is to assist potential buyers to envision the space as their own before they make the offer and we also discuss possible remodels as well as small repairs.

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