Understanding LEED

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based, market­-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. From individual buildings and homes, to entire neighborhoods and communities, LEED is transforming the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated. Comprehensive and flexible, LEED addresses the entire lifecycle of a building.

Participation in the voluntary LEED process demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. LEED provides building owners and operators the tools they need to immediately impact their building's performance and bottom line, while providing healthy indoor spaces for a building's occupants.

LEED projects have been successfully established in 135 countries. International projects, those outside the United States, make up more than 50% of the total LEED registered square footage. LEED unites us in a single global community and provides regional solutions, while recognizing local realities. Click here to learn more. Source: USGBC.


REGREEN for the Residential Retrofit

REGREEN is the nation's first set of resources and tools for green home remodeling projects. The REGREEN residential remodeling guidelines help make your home renovation project green, from installing a new dishwasher to remodeling your master bathroom to refurbishing an entire home interior.

REGREEN addresses the major elements of any green renovation project, including the site of the home, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, and indoor environmental quality. The guidelines blend product selection, building systems integration and proven technologies into a seamless compilation of green strategies and case studies for the homeowner, builder and design professional.
Click here to learn more. Source: USGBC.

Our Sustainability Approach
VK Sustainable Concepts provides the following services to assist our clients to achieve their sustainability goals

Charrette Facilitation

We will perform charrette facilitation services with your entire project team to promote integrated design and construction solutions that will help your project to achieve a higher level of certification. By engaging project member's participation, our charrete facilitation will help you to establish a clear bottom line for your project goals while developing a custom tailored strategy to promote a successful project delivery.

  LEED Consulting

We provide LEED guidance and technical support for the following LEED rating sytems: New Construction, Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, Commercial Interiors, Core & Shell, Schools, Retail, Healthcare, Homes, and Neighborhood Development. We will help you to streamline the entire process and achieve a higher level of certification by adopting a collaborative approach and using the latest tools available.

Policy Development and Implementation

We will work close with your company to help the delvelopment and implementation of custom-tailored sustainable practices addressig the unique needs of your firm, reducing your utility costs, and the encouraging behavioral modification.

  Product Manufacturer's Consulting

We work closely with your organization to develop custom-tailored literature showcasing all the sustainable attributes and applicable LEED credit synergies of your products and services that are acceptable by the Green Building Certification Institute.

USGBC Affinity Program

We have joined USGBC–Illinois Chapter Affinity Program and are very happy to offer all USGBC members great incentives everytime they work with VK Sustainable Concepts or its sister companies to improve their home and/or business.

  Training and Education

We offer custom-tailored workshops and educational training to promote in-depth knowledge of all areas of sustainability and development for your home and/or business.

  • LEED Specific Workshops
  • Green Building Basics
  • Sustainable Flooring
  • Affordable Green Interiors and many more...



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