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Every year VK Sustainable Concepts donates part of the company's December profit to a local charity.

During the Holidays, VK Sustainable Concepts converts part of the company's profit into clothes to support the children in need of a local charity called Woodfield Area Children's Organization.

VK Sustainable Concepts' recent involvement with Zero Landfill allows us to create one of a kind artifacts using expired architectural samples that otherwise would go to the landfill. Our program is expanding and from now on, all products we create will be listed on Etsy. The profit of each sale will go directly to our DESIGN FOR A CAUSE program.

In 2012, our program blessed over 15 children in need from the Woodfield area. This year the amount of children in need exceeds 100 and we would love to be able to bless them all. Even if you are not in the market for a designer, you still can help us by clicking on the icons on your left to donate $10, $25, or $50 to our cause. All transactions are processed via PayPal.

That's why we call it DESIGN FOR A CAUSE.

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